Out of the Woods

Baguio CityI’ve realized Baguio City, in Christmas season, may not be the best destination if you’re rooting for a serene trip. We went there few days before New Year and it wasn’t that good compared to our trip last April 2016 and May 2014. The weather was surely breezy but the whole tourist drama was quite overwhelming.

Fhabs is a very calm driver but the heavy traffic in some major attractions (e.g. Wright Park, Strawberry Farm) didn’t give justice. The accommodations were full as expected. We talked to our contact person in a transient house in Camp Allen where we stayed last 2014 and gave us the last available room. Again, it’s best to book online (here or here) in peak season. It’s also hard to take good photos (even selfies!) with clear background especially at Mines View Park. The whole scenario might not be pleasant still, Fhabs and I handled it with energy and positive vibes. 😊Baguio City - JansellbiskwitBaguio City - JansellbiskwitReaching Wright Park, we thought of how we could still capture good photos despite the bunch of tourists. Then the sight of empty woods stepped into the picture! The scenery may not show famous landmarks yet still exudes Baguio atmosphere, right? It also reminds me of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” music video because why not, there’s a touch of charm and mystery in the forest!Baguio City - JansellbiskwitBaguio CityBaguio City - Jansellbiskwit

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