Five Travel Items I Currently Love

Five Travel Items I Currenly LoveBy traveling frequently, I tend to learn how to be a smart packer and know the essentials with some ‘wants’ in between. Adding a portion of style, I choose accents that are not only limited to make everything look pretty but also come in handy when adventure kicks in. I don’t also easily give in to expensive buys just to meet my travel needs as there are items that are of high quality yet not costly.

Buddha’s Bowl

Buddha's Bowl SubicPizza, pasta and desserts may define a great gastronomic experience but rice meal still tops my daily food routine. From breakfast to dinner, I always go for anything with rice because it doesn’t only keep me full but also fuels my energy throughout the day. So, when we stopped at Harbor Point in Subic for lunch before a project meeting, Buddha’s Bowl was a perfect find.

We Are All Beautiful

Once Piece Swimsuit - JansellbiskwitIn today’s age, it seems that people focus on how to have a perfect and instagrammable life – career, love and physical appearance. Speaking of the latter, some double their effort to achieve that enviable body and well-sculpted abs which to be honest, I never dreamed of such. Not that I’m feeling lucky of my average physique but let’s just say we shouldn’t get pressured with what society dictates us and how social media takes over our lives.