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Pampanga - Puning Hot SpringNever in my wildest dreams did I think that Fhabs and I would experience Puning Hot Spring this summer along with our many firsts. First press/free trip for the blog. First engagement with fellow bloggers/travel journalists. First 4×4 ride. First hot spring bath. It all felt surreal! A special shout-out to Xenia Hotel and Hotels Guide PH!

We arrived past 7AM at Xenia Hotel for breakfast and briefing for the tour (see full itinerary below). Here, we met fellow bloggers (based in Pampanga and Manila) and so happy to be friends with Darby of The Intrepid Minimalist and Hotels Guide PH’s Bianca and Jowell – we instantly clicked!Puning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringThe breakfast buffet was impressive that it’s a bit hard to choose among the delectable treats. After the briefing, we made our way to Puning tour’s first station.

STATION 1 – Base CampPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringNative huts and lush garden welcomed us and we also got to meet our kapatid na Aetas. We’re instructed to wear Puning uniform (optional) while three 4×4 trucks parked outside. Fhabs and I went with our new-found friends and the crazy, extreme off-road adventure began!Puning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringWe stood in the back seat having no idea what the actual trail looked like. Engine starts. Holding tight. Bumpy road. Ginalingan ni Kuya Driver!  The entire off-road experience was filled with screams, laughs and a breath of life.

STATION 3 – Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot Spring - Fhabs and JansellPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringFollowing the itinerary, we went straight to the third station. I thought Puning houses a single hot pool alone and to my surprise, there were 11 hot pools in the area.Puning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringThese natural hot springs rise from 40 to 70 degree which is basically above the core human body temperature. Make sure to check the water first before completely immersing yourself. There are also two warm pools so you just have to choose what suits you best. Trivia: temperature also rises in rainy season so this activity is not only limited on your #SummerGoals.Puning Hot Spring - Fhabs MallariPuning Hot SpringAnother thing I love about Puning is the fact that it serves as one of livelihood sources for Aeta community, a way of giving back according to Xenia Hotel. Puning Hot SpringPuning Hot Spring - Fhabs MallariPuning Hot Spring - Fhabs and JansellPuning Hot SpringTaking a dip in the hot spring is a great way to unwind after an adventurous 4×4 ride, plus, the scenic view is truly a perfect escape for the weekend.

I also did research about hot spring benefits and here’s what I’ve found out.


  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve muscle pain and loosen up stiff joints
  • Detoxify your body by releasing toxins through sweating

STATION 2 – SpaPuning Hot SpringNext stop was the sand steam and mud pack at Station 2. We wore another set of clothes before lying and getting buried (in a good way) in the steamy sand. Sa lahat ng may hugot, ilibing nyo na din lahat ng bitter feelings niyo.Puning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringThe whole area is warm because of heating chambers underneath which are being fueled every morning. Sand steam/massage usually lasts for 15-20 minutes and is said to be therapeutic. After the relaxing activity, we’re directed to other area for mud pack application.Puning Hot Spring - Fhabs and JansellPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot Spring - Fhabs MallariPuning Hot SpringPuning Hot SpringWe’re back to Station 1 to shower and have our lunch (in buffet). Puning tour took place so quick and the best way to cap off the day was a chill time with blogger friends at Xenia Hotel lobby. Thanks for the memories! 😊


  • For triple sharing
  • Hotel room with buffet breakfast
  • Puning Day Tour: 4×4 vehicle ride, sulfuric spa & mud pack, sulfuric pool & steam, buffet lunch

Note: Individual rate (Puning Day Tour only) – P3500


7:00AM                             Call time at Xenia Hotel lobby

7:15AM – 7:45AM           Breakfast & briefing for the Puning tour

8:00AM – 8:30AM         Travel time going to Puning

8:30AM – 9:00AM         Station 1 (4×4 ride, changing of clothes)

9:00AM – 9:30AM          4×4 ride going to hot springs

9:30AM – 2:00PM          Puning experience (Station 3, 2 & 1)

2:00PM – 2:30PM          Travel time back to Xenia Hotel

*For inquiry and reservation, contact: 0947-897-3007 | 0919-339-2795 | 0908-820-3843 or email:

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