Project Kaluguran at Sitio Haduan

Project Kaluguran at Sito HaduanIt was a beautiful day [before Christmas Eve] participating in Sitio Haduan Christmas outreach and grateful for Project Kaluguran team for this worthwhile experience.

My first visit at Sitio Haduan was in 2013 for a course project where we had to trek and walk through a river channel to reach the village. Now it felt good to see and experience the hanging bridge – taking time to breathe some fresh air while being away from the holiday rush and traffic back in the city.Sitio HaduanProject Kaluguran at Sito HaduanSitio HaduanSpending a meaningful time with the kids and fellow volunteers filled our hearts with gladness. It was another moment to thank the Lord for His goodness and wonderful works.Project Kaluguran at Sito HaduanProject Kaluguran at Sitio HaduanProject Kaluguran at Sitio HaduanOne thing that touched my heart was this piece from an activity where we asked them to draw anything they are grateful for in 2017. The photo above shows an image of a girl with her name and a phrase saying, “Salamat sa Diyos”. What a beautiful reminder that no matter where we are and who or what we have, we can always thank God for His presence and His work in our lives (1 Thessalonians 5:18)!

*Check out this link to know more about Project Kaluguran and feel free to get involved.

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