Red Carpet Affair

11After a month of deciding what to wear, searching for perfect shoes to match my dress and taking extra care of myself from nerve-wracking rehearsals, I got all dolled up for our Anniversary Party at Century Hotel last December 10! It was indeed a night of glitz and glamour as everyone looked so lovely and adorable.

The venue set up was perfect for the Red Carpet Affair theme and the pool outside added up to the pleasing ambiance. One of the highlights of the event was Broadway Competition and it felt great to perform with other team members. Our group checked in and stayed in a room to prepare for the competition and the dinner party. 4Red Carpet Affair1Fhabs came to support me and capture picture-perfect moments. This big night became more memorable as Moulin Rouge (our group) bagged the 1st Place and Best Male & Female Performer Award. Cheers to a remarkable experience!9Red Carpet Affair210Red Carpet Affair31

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