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Mt. Daraitan SummitIt’s been ages since my tough hike which was at Miyamit Falls in 2015. Oh I could still feel the cramps and body pain. Haha! Joining a dayhike to Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal last month made me feel so ecstatic at the same time a bit pressured. How can’t I? I’d be with a bunch of expert hikers!

We went to Manila on Saturday evening (10PM) to meet the group and traveled to Rizal past 1AM. I just took a nap as it’s a bit hard to sleep properly because of the bumpy road heading to Brgy. Daraitan. We arrived around 3AM (Sunday), had a quick orientation and off we went.

*Note: Hiking/Tour Fee – P750.00 (meal not included)

Mt. Daraitan sits near the border of Tanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon. The popular mountain for seasoned and budding hikers offers a scenic view of lush forest trails, century old formation of stalagmite and stalactite rocks, caves, free-flowing rivers, the famous ‘sea of clouds’ and magnificent view of Sierra Madre mountain range from the summit.Mt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalMt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalMt. Daraitan, Tanay Rizal

*Note: Sierra Madre is the longest mountain range in the Philippines stretching from Cagayan to Quezon. It covers 10 provinces and stands at 6,069 feet.

Dayhike usually begins at dawn so bring a flashlight – nope, not the one on your mobile phone but a lightweight flashlight or headlamp. I forgot to bring mine thus ended up renting one in the station (P30). I struggled after a few minutes of hike and my heart beat nonstop because of the sharp slopes and maybe, due to lack of physical preparation and sleep (and coffee!).Mt. Daraitan SummitMt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalMt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalMt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalMt. Daraitan SummitAfter approximately four hours of rough trail and steep climb, we reached Mt. Daraitan’s summit. Sea of clouds are real! The majestic view of Sierra Madre and Pililla Wind Farm is priceless. The whole summit experience even brought me to tears as I can’t believe I made it there!Mt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalMt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalTinipak RiverInstead of returning to the trail that leads to the village, we took the recommended route traversing to Tinipak River. The trail was rough and heading down to the boulders of rock was challenging. We’re surprised to see a few stores and canteens in the ground so we took time to rest and tried their famous Mami (P25) before taking a quick dip in the river. Aaaah I felt relieved to finally walk on a flat surface and see Kuya Driver waiting for us in the van!

*Note: Toilets/Shower rooms are available in the village (P20).

Mt. Daraitan, Tanay RizalThanks to our group and witty tour guide – so kind, cheerful, and cooperative from start to finish. The entire adventure was indeed filled with laughter and crazy moments! ‘Til the next hike! 😊

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