Run for Christ 2017

Run for ChristAs mentioned here, I’m not a hardcore runner but love to participate in running activities that are held for a cause. Run for Christ 2017 was my second (and probably last) run for this year and glad to be able to register prior to deadline – shout out to Worship Generation (Marquee Mall) for sending updates and being so kind and accommodating in the process.

Spearheaded by The Little Preacher and Sports and Fitness Academy, Run for Christ aims to unite and bring together all believers of the Lord’s gospel (as per event’s description) while the proceeds will go to The Little Preacher and Tahanang Walang Hagdan respectively. Everything went well with the registration and claiming of race kit except the weather on the day of the event. It rained all day but no postponement was made. Arriving at CDC Parade Grounds, I noticed that a number of participants weren’t around and with quite a few runners present, the event pushed through.

It felt good that both organizing team and participants didn’t lose heart for this cause. Safety may be an issue but everybody was game despite the weather condition. I enjoyed every minute of running/walking around and chatting with fellow participants. The downpour eventually stopped. Reaching the finish line, I was stunned that I made it to Top 50 5k Finishers with a staff awarding me this medal. I’m grateful beyond words and truly happy to see everyone rejoicing in this wonderful cause. All glory to God!

P.S. Happy to see and spend great time with my closest friends after the event!

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