Seafood Boodle Feast

Seafood Boodle Feast1Yeah I know, I dress like a woman but eat like a man so a single meal will never be enough for me. I just happen to see Blackbeard’s Seafood Island whenever we pass by the park entrance of Marquee Mall so I got curious and searched about it. Seeing the photos on some blogs made my seafood craving reach infinite level and my view from the car window in the park entrance will never be the same again.

Seafood Boodle Feast2I think we made the right choice to visit the restaurant before dinnertime on weekend as we’re still able to find a perfect seat and the place was less crowded. The ambiance was pleasing and the staff was courteous and accommodating. Seafood Boodle Feast3Seafood Boodle Feast4Seafood Boodle Feast5My boodle ready tummy cried out loud when our order, Tali Beach Boodle Feast, arrived on our table. There are serving size options and we chose the 3-4 persons serving and were not worried about it because there’s no point of giving up. LOL.  Looking at the tremendous treat, I almost fainted. Haha. Nope, we didn’t use the spoon and fork, instead devoured it with bare hands! It’s boodle time!Seafood Boodle Feast6Seafood Boodle Feast7Seafood Boodle Feast8TALI BEACH BOODLE FEAST (P995 – 10% service charge not included). *Grilled chicken inasal, pork BBQ, steamed shrimps, grilled tilapia, grilled oysters, crab, grilled squid, grilled tomato, mango slices, watermelon slices, lato, steamed rice*

*Visit Blackbeard’s Seafood Island at G/F Marquee Mall.

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