See the World in FnJ Perspective!

FnJ Tiny PlanetThe weather is gloomy. We have nothing to do. The blue sky suddenly showed up. Then, we had this.FnJ Tiny PlanetWhen Fhabs showed me the first output he created, I was totally amazed how the front of their house transformed into his tiny planet and it’s time to have mine, too. Haha. So he set the camera, positioned me on the same street, and stood in front of me. While he’s capturing different angles and calculating his movement, I was just standing straight, wishing that no vehicle would pass by and ‘photobomb’ our world. LOL.

After the shoot, photos were imported to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for some color enhancement and photo manipulation was completely done using Adobe Photoshop CS6. And now, see the world in FnJ perspective!

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