Style Gets Better in Off Shoulder

Off Shoulder OutfitSunny dresses, tank tops and denim shorts are everyone’s summer staple. However, when these are always worn on repeat, we may find them uninteresting. I woke up one day with an intense oomph to raid my closet and have never stopped since then. Checking on my wardrobe from time to time has helped me discover ways to revamp good old pieces and work with what I have. Not to mention, it has saved me from impulsive shopping.

I mentioned previously that it always takes me guts to try something new (in fashion) as for some reason I have self-esteem issues. And let me say this again. I’m conquering the battle. With this, I’ve become open to bolder and braver choices in style for a change. Aside from the fact that I finally got to pull off a beach bralette outfit, my summer essentials will never be the same again as I welcome a current obsession!Off Shoulder Outfit - JansellbiskwitOff-the-shoulder trend has become extremely popular everywhere. Be it as a top or dress, the versatile piece is a no-brainer choice especially in warm season. This beautiful piece from SheIn took away my “what ifs” as it perfectly flatters – channelling an effortless bohemian vibe! I know it’ll take time to master this wardrobe essential but the sure thing for now, style gets better in off shoulder. What do you think?

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