Swimsuit Alternatives

Swimsuit AlternativesAs summertime intensifies, sexy beach photos and bikini ‘game strong’ heat up our feeds. #DoItForTheGram. You may actually feel bad that you don’t have the guts to join the bandwagon. Or question yourself of not having the guts to wear tiny bikinis. Or worry too much on your boobs, belly or stretchmarks thus, envy those #nofilter flawless babes. But you can finally sleep peaceful at night now that summer comes to an end and beach body snapshots will be out of sight anytime soon.

If you’re that person, wake up and stop being too hard on yourself! Know that there’s always a quick fix in everything and when it comes to swimsuit struggle, I rounded up three non-bikini pieces (I personally love!) that will make you look and feel good in and out of the water. With the right clothing piece and confidence, you can be a beach babe in your own way!

CROP TOPSwimsuit AlternativesI think this is one of the wardrobe essentials every girl should have. Paired with high-waisted jeans/shorts, worn under a jumper dress or dungarees, dolled up with pretty skirt – it’s an absolute love!

BRALETTE TOPSwimsuit AlternativesYes, this is the trendy top you see in festivals and street style reports. Quite close to a bikini but features more coverage around the bust with straps that provide added support. 

SPORTS BRA Swimsuit AlternativesSporty-style bras are my new favorite as swimsuit alternative. They are so versatile that they are good for beach sports, swimming, surfing, jogging and even working out!

P.S. Do you have other swimsuit alternatives? Share them below! 😊

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