AUSTRALIA | Eureka Skydeck 88

AUSTRALIA - Eureka Skydeck 881Melbourne tour wouldn’t be complete without getting to see everything (literally) from above! Eureka Skydeck 88 is one of the most visited attractions and boasts of breathtaking 360-degree view of Melbourne’s structures and landmarks from its 88th floor. Yes, you heard that right. With a height of 984.3ft, it is also regarded as the highest public vantage point in Southern Hemisphere.

AUSTRALIA | Giant H&M Melbourne

Australia - Giant H&M Melbourne1Our Melbourne tour was full of wandering around and taking lots of photos because every corner was instagrammable. We stopped by the huge Victorian-era building and I thought it’s an old museum or art gallery but I was wrong in all sense – it’s a shopping centre! Mind you, it’s not an ordinary shop because, hey, it’s H&M! Imagine my astonishment when I saw the banner!

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