Five Travel Items I Currently Love

By traveling frequently, I tend to learn how to be a smart packer and know the essentials with some ‘wants’ in between. Adding a portion of style, I choose accents that are not only limited to make everything look pretty but also come in handy when adventure kicks in. I don’t also easily give in to expensive buys just to meet my travel needs as there are items that are of high quality yet not costly.

Ten Things to Do This Summer in Pampanga

Ten Things to Do This Summer in PampangaIt’s no secret that Fhabs and I love to visit new places and get out of our comfort zone so we work hard to play harder. But honestly, it’s not practical to travel every week especially we’re working full-time and going on a long vacation frequently would also mean using the allotted leave credits from work and pile of tasks to finish post-trip. To keep the adventure rolling while waiting for upcoming travels, we spend time to explore and experience something new in our own hometown.

What to Wear on a Long Road Trip

What to Wear on a Long Road TripI mentioned on my kick off post for FnJ anniversary trip that we embarked on a lengthy road trip to reach the targets. I tell you, it’s not easy. Though the roads weren’t that rough, sitting in the car for 12 hours really tested our patience and I think, our sanity. LOL. Thank goodness, Fhabs and I hadn’t felt the boredom at all (as always) since we chatted non-stop and laughed at even most random things. #Relationshipgoals? 😀

Ten Tips to Spend Less and Travel More

Ten Tips to Spend Less and Travel More1If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll notice that there are basically two things that sum up my feed – travel and style. Doing these two keeps me sane and my energy flowing outside full-time job and fast-paced world. I’m that person who would always love to invest in experiences, not in things. Aside from spending good time with family and friends, I think one of the best ways to gain more life experiences is through traveling.

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