The Girl in Male PE Class

The Girl in Male PE ClassWhile going through some old entries, found this piece written almost four years ago. It feels good having beautiful memories to look back on, so I decided to update and repost the entry here on the blog.


The moment I entered college, I was thrilled of everything I’d experience. I was grateful to be part of Z-101 Class where I’ve met kind, loving, supportive and cheerful friends. Every day was indeed a lovely day except one Monday afternoon in P.E. class.

I spotted no girl classmate was present and joining the group, our instructor, twitching his eyebrows, asked, “Miss, dito ka ba talaga? Naliligaw ka ata?” Surprised and a bit embarrassed, “Opo. Eto yung naka-input na class code sa reg form ko. Bakit po ba?” then handed my registration form to him. Shookt din siya.

I could clearly see on his eyes that there’s something wrong. “Male PE class kasi ‘to. Dapat magpalipat ka kasi mahirap ipapagawa ko sa mga boys.” I sat back and noticed everyone blankly stared at me.


I went to the Dean’s office to report my case (as if it’s very serious). I was told that there’s such case like this and reassured that I wasn’t the only girl in class. I just have to wait for others on next meeting. WAIT.

Our second session gave me a sick feeling. Still no female classmates showed up. Our instructor even joked, “Ipapadala ko kayo niyan sa Mindanao kaya galingan n’yo.”, and asked me if I could perform difficult routines on practical tests.


On our first group practice, I was happy they came on time and carefully listened to every instruction. We even tend to laugh at each other’s mistake as we rehearsed the routines. Everyone cheered for me during the exam and it’s nice to see those genuine smiles. We performed aerobic routines to the tune of “Macho” by Parokya ni Edgar. I did push-ups and all. The outcome was pretty good. We scored 80/100 with our instructor’s remark, “Wrong choice of music.” Haha!

Every session was filled with asaran and funny antics as well as envious looks (I think) of girls from other classes. On our midterm practical test, we only had two-hour practice before the performance. We just did our own thing and totally messed up! We got a bad grade but just laughed our heads off and made fun of everything.

Last day with the bunch made me a bit sad. For the last time, we didn’t take our performance seriously. We just had fun and I even dropped my chewing gum due to extreme laughter!

I wouldn’t be able to meet these cool buddies and learn to become more flexible and well-rounded if I transferred to other class.

Mom was right. Guys are great companions. They honestly tell you if you look so messed up. They are born gentlemen. They are good listeners. They handle things in chill manner. They know how to turn a miserable day into a happy one.

Grateful for this beautiful experience and yup, I am that girl in Male P.E. class.

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