The Girl in Male PE Class

The Girl in Male PE Class

The moment I entered college, I was really thrilled of future experiences life had to offer. My goals then were just simple– meet new friends and learn new things.

My first year in the university was simply one of the best times of my college years. I was very fortunate to belong to the class of nice, sociable, and smart kids. During our first meeting, I already had a fun chat with them and it somehow felt like we’ve known each other for years.

I was even fascinated by the sight of our Korean classmate (Alex) for it’s my first time to have a foreign classmate. Every day seemed to be perfect except for one sultry Monday afternoon when I had my first meeting in P.E. class.

Making my way through the gym bleachers, I spotted no female classmate was present in class and the moment I joined the group, our instructor, twitching his eyebrows, asked, “Miss, dito ka ba talaga? Naliligaw ka ata?” Shocked and a bit embarrassed, I answered, “Opo. Eto yung naka-input na class code sa reg. form ko. Bakit po ba?” then, handed my registration form to him. He was surprised and looked at me.

I could clearly see on his eyes that there was something wrong. He grinned, “Male PE class kasi ‘to. Dapat magpalipat ka kasi mahirap ipapagawa ko sa mga boys.” I sat back and noticed all my classmates were staring at me and came to realize that they were all MALES. My day was completely ruined. I even regarded it as a twist of fate. Terrible twist of fate.

Right after our class, I immediately proceeded to the Dean’s office and reported my case (as if it was very serious). The student assistant explained that there’s such case like this and assured that I wasn’t the only female in the class. I just have to wait for the other girls to come on next meeting. And that’s what I patiently did. WAIT.

Our next meeting gave me a sick feeling. Still no female classmates showed up in class. Guy classmates gave me a scrutinizing look and teasing smile. Our instructor still made fun of me, “Ipapadala ko kayo niyan sa Mindanao kaya galingan n’yo.” He even asked me if I can perform difficult routines he’d give on our prelim exam. Giving him my reassuring look, I now accepted the fact that this would be the kind of experience I have to cherish for the whole semester. All I have to do is to prove that I am not a lame kid who can be easily kicked by some dogs out there.

I was supposed to stay at home the day before our practical test but we had to meet for a group’s practice. I was surprised they came on time and carefully listened to whatever instructions I gave. We even tend to laugh at each other’s mistake. During the practical exam, our group performed first. All I heard was my classmates’ cheer for me and it’s nice to see those genuine smiles painted on their faces. We performed aerobic routines with the tune of “Macho” by Parokya ni Edgar. I did push-ups and all. The outcome was pretty good. We scored 80/100 and our instructor just commented, “Wrong choice of music.” LOL. I was enjoying their company and they treated me as if I’m their younger sister.

Our meetings were always filled with hilarious laughter from jokes and funny antics as well as envious looks from girls on other classes. On our midterm practical test, we only had two-hour practice before the actual performance. We just did our own thing and messed up everything. We got a bad grade but just laughed our heads off and jokingly cursed our instructor.

The last day with guy classmates was quite emotional for me. What if I persisted to transfer to other classes? Maybe, I won’t be having these cool buddies and won’t be motivated to do my best in learning new things (which is one of my basic goals). Again, we didn’t take our last performance seriously. We just had fun and I even dropped my chewing gum due to extreme laughter. Whether we want to or not, we had to say our goodbyes and resume with our lives in separate ways.

My mom was right. Guys are great companions. They honestly tell you if you look so messed up. They are born gentlemen. They’re good listeners and take every gossip without suspicious judgments. Yes, they’re sort of gossipers, too, in a good way. They handle things just right and know how to turn a miserable day into a fine one.

I learned a lot from this class. It helped me gained a boost of confidence. It’s when we learn to accept changes that things can get better. I am very lucky to be the girl in that male PE class. 🙂

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