Things That Made Me Happy This Month | Jul 2017

Things That Made Me Happy This Month _Jul 2017The first feature was out last year and I didn’t make it a monthly series then because of working on all backlogs after moving to a self-hosted blog.

 If you’re feeling down or unmotivated, try to write down the things that made you happy or think of anything that you’re grateful for. Below are things that made me happy last month and feel free to share yours below!

1. Bonding time.

One thing that will always make me happy and fulfilled is making time for people close to my heart. I always make sure to treat my Mom even to a simple lunch date on weekends, Saturday or Sunday after Church, or weekdays when I’m out for a trip/important work on weekends. And now that Baby Ella (my niece) is living with us, we have more bonding and playtime at home! Having a good time with friends, whether it be a get together or as simple as good chat, is also a treat so I’m glad to squeeze in some last month.

2. Mt. Daraitan Hiking. 

Up next on the blog and you’ll find out why this is part of things that made me happy last month. Don’t miss it! 🙂

3. Avocado. 

Fruits and vegetables are my top picks in happy and healthy eating and avocado is one of my favorites (I got it from my Mama!). So, there’s no time to waste on the peak of its fruiting season here in the Philippines. I eat avocado almost every day in July and will surely make the most of it before the season ends. Mix it with powdered milk and brown sugar – yum!

4. Lighthouse Marina Resort.

The lighthouse in Subic has been a beautiful sight for me since I first saw it in 2015 and all thanks to the The Lighthouse Marina Resort Team for a quick tour and viewdeck experience. They also made us try their famous Mango Halo-Halo Turon and it’s so delicious!

5. Closet cleanup. 

I’m not always a busy bee. I love ordinary days and do even the most mundane tasks at home. I spent a whole day last month to clean my closet, organize my wardrobe from dresses to tops, pants to skirts, from basics to statements. It doubled as a workout sa dami ng inayos ko. Haha!

6. Eplus card renewal. 

Having a daily planner and desk calendar, I still miss important dates at times. I was surprised when I received a text message that my eplus membership has expired. The movie buff in me was in panic mode! Haha! Upon renewal, I received a FREE movie pass and popcorn which are both valid until November 2017. Yay for that!

7. Notebook.

I’ve been looking for a notebook that will suit my “personal project” and glad to finally find one. It’s so pretty and there’s no point of not buying it especially when I learned that it’s the last piece available.

8. New playlist. 

I got to put up a playlist of feel-good, motivational and worship songs on my phone and get to listen to them every day and night. Always makes my day!

9. Cars 3.

Finally, the third Cars movie is out and so happy to see my all-time favorite character on big screen! You never fail to strike your lightning not only on racing but also on someone’s dream. Well done, Fabulous McQueen!

10. Work.

Good news and answered prayer at work. Glory to God! <3

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