Things that Made Me Happy This Month

Jansell Iris SimbulanIn a world full of negativity, fear and judgment, it seems difficult to stay motivated. Thinking positive thoughts and things I’m grateful for help make bad days better. Hence, I want to make it a point to remind myself about all things happy and decided to put them up on the blog to also encourage you to always look at the bright side of life no matter what.

Here are the things that made me happy this month.

1. Picnic day and road trip with Fhabs in Subic.

2. Celebrated Fhabs’ Dad’s birthday and gave him a post-birthday treat.

3. Shopping with Mom and new addition to growing wardrobe.

4. Sweet and kind words I received (from colleagues) about Jansellbiskwit Blog.

5. Two birthday treats from teammates at work.

6. Tried out new restaurants in town. Read one here.

7. Helped a friend on job application and caught up with her.

8. Nice facial and waxing sessions.

9. Project shoot for the company I work for. More details SOON. 🙂

10. TimTam + McCafe 

What made you happy this month? Share it below. Spread the good vibes! <3


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