TOA 3rd Anniversary Party

The Outsourced AccountantOne thing I look forward (aside from payday! Haha!) to my full-time work at TOA is our annual Anniversary/Christmas Party. Last year, aside from being glammed up on a red carpet affair, I joined the Broadway Competition where our group hailed as Champion. It was indeed a night to remember.

For 2016 celebration, the theme was all about “kiddie”. Talent competition was also changed to TOA Star Search – same concept with Got Talent show on TV. Being an engaged and active kid, it saddened me a bit to have no participation this year. Maybe, it’s time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the night – as an attendee/audience. Until the opportunity knocked.

I was invited to be one of the Emcees of the party. I was stunned and oh, said YES. Well, who am I to refuse? I can’t say no to people who trust and believe in me. The engaged and active me was so happy!Denim Jumper Outfit - JansellbiskwitThe preparation begun. I rehearsed and reviewed the programme. I opted to wear a basic kiddie outfit to focus more on my hosting role than get conscious of my look the whole evening. Fhabs was very supportive. He filed a half-day leave at work and stayed with me the entire time. Everything was almost all set before the event when the make-up artist notified me that he couldn’t make it due to prior commitment. My bad, I just contacted him two days before the event. I was a bit frantic but took the situation with ease.

Thank God, I have good friends/workmates with me who decided to do my hair and make-up. We did come up with a simple look but it’s such meaningful for me.Denim Jumper Outfit - JansellbiskwitDenim Jumper Outfit - JansellbiskwitLights off. Countdown begins. Time to speak. All went smooth and well. Thank God, it did. The CEO even approached me to commend me for a job well done. I almost cried. It was fulfilling. Hosting is something I once thought I can never do. But I made it. From a random try few years back, it has slowly turned into a craft. Thank you TOA for the opportunity. It was indeed a night to remember.


  1. bonjourchiara
    January 19, 2017

    It seems you are a great team! You look adorable xx

    1. Jansell
      January 20, 2017

      Thanks Chiara! 🙂


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