Too Much Patches

Patched Denim OutfitBeing into fashion doesn’t mean you must splurge and put everything to your wardrobe. I’m a practical shopper so I make it a point to invest in key pieces and work with what I have.

For jeans, I don’t own a lot now as I sorted them one time and decided to donate some that I rarely or never wore. I’ve also made a mental note on what pair of jeans I need and want to style with to avoid buying pieces I can’t see myself wearing. Again, you don’t need tons of clothes to feed your fashion hunger.Patched Denim OutfitAside from plain blue and black jeans, I also get unconventional pairs to add fun and statement to my wardrobe. Here, I’m wearing patched denim which is my favorite fashion trend right now aside from culottes. Rock it with edgy or casual look and worry not, too much patches can still look good.Patched Denim Outfit - Jansellbiskwit

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