Top Ten Summer Must-Haves

Top Ten Summer Must-Haves1As of press time, I’m on my second trip for this summer (Yay!) and guess what, I realize I’m being wiser, more practical, and ‘madiskarte’ when it comes to things I should pack on my trips. So, I think I have to share with you my top summer must-haves!  

Sunscreen Lotion. Our present and future skin will thank us for using this.

Summer Dress. Look and feel cool with the perfect beach OOTD.

Beach Hat. Fedora, Panama (like mine) or wide brimmed hat is useful especially when strolling to the beach and taking pictures under the heat of the sun. Plus, it makes the summer outfit look more stylish.

Denim shorts. Shorts are for summer. Period.

Bikini. I don’t have one yet but here are my pegs just so you know. 😀

Stylish Backpack. Oh I’m loving my fringe backpack. Coachella feels!

Crossbody Bag. My go-to bag for cellphone and wallet when traveling.

Sunglasses. Invest in a solid pair of sunnies and choose the one with good UV protection.

Strappy Sandals. Hot weather can make our feet sweat a lot so let them breathe with comfy sandals. Stylish look is just a bonus.

Comfy Flats. I always go for lightweight and soft sole shoes for long walks.

What’s your summer must-have? Share your thoughts with me! 🙂

(Nisce Skin N’ Face sunscreen lotion, Surplus panama hat, Fringe bag from London, Jovanni crossbody bag, Mango sunglasses, Parisian sandals, Solemate (via The SM Store) flats)

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