Twenty Four

Jansell Iris SimbulanStill on a birthday high and can’t get over it as I’m writing from Queen City of the South!!! Aaaaah I can’t believe this is happening! I’m dumbfounded by the fact that I’m here in Cebu for a birthday trip!!! *Sorry for abusing the punctuation mark (!)*

I just bid goodbye to my 23 year-old self and welcomed a new chapter last February 20. Honestly, it’s difficult to put into words how deeply grateful and happy I am for what I’ve had! I won’t go into details anymore as I already wrote on the blog my beautiful experiences and accomplished goals in the past year so I just want to leave you this note: God always pulls off life’s sweetest surprises even I sometimes think I don’t deserve such. His way is perfect. His plans are the best. When we trust in His love, miracles happen. And reaching this age is one of His miracles in my life.

I may get older but sure thing is, life gets better. THANK YOU! <3

P.S. I’m still accepting birthday presents. 😀

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