Two Things I Love Most About Traveling

Why People Love to TravelWhy do people travel? Everyone can surely answer this – we travel whether for business, relocation, or simply for pleasure. I also have my own purpose that drive me to explore more and what I love most about traveling can simply be define in these two: CONNECT and DISCONNECT.

In every trip, I get to connect with myself and whoever is with me. I love to connect with different people, culture and with every view which reminds me of so much beauty in this world. Traveling is such a sweet escape from hustle and bustle of everyday life thus, helps me to disconnect with distractions, real-world demands and even online life (a.ka. social media). Yes, you heard it right, social media and let’s talk about it, shall we?

Whenever Fhabs and I go out (for travel or a simple date), we ignore everything digital (except camera!) and refrain from browsing our phones because we simply want to live the moment. Our mantra: spend and enjoy good time together first, take photos and social media later. I’m not saying others should also commit to this. Whatever stuff you do and have, I totally respect that. It’s just that it saddens us to see a couple, family or group of friends who are so glued to their phones instead of chatting face-to-face or asking how each other’s doing.

As I relate travel purpose, I hope “to post something online” or “to show the world my perfect life” are not part of the list. Maybe, a single photo or 2-3 updates are enough during a trip as those thousands of snaps and uploads can wait even post-event. Also, endless flooding on feed real-time can help track current location which may put our own safety at risk.

Note that if you’re doing these things, I respect it and it’s not my right to dictate what you should do. We just have to do them in moderation as too much of something is not good right?  At the end, we do what we love and what make us happy and in my case, connecting and disconnecting when on a trip help me find inner peace and sense of fulfillment. What do you love most about traveling? Share them below. 🙂

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