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Jansellbiskwit BlogTime flies so fast and I realize I’ve been blogging for two years now. In 2015, I decided to spice up my online space – I can’t remember my previous URLs as I wasn’t yet serious and kept on changing it. I used Jansellbiskwit to match my Instagram profile then worked on its branding as a “Travel & Style Blog” which covers my love for exploring places and experimenting in style.

Two years later, I’m still here sharing bits of life in travel, fashion, love for everything beautiful and some reflections in between. I’m always grateful for this gift of expression, for being able to write something like this and to Fhabs for encouraging and helping me pursue the craft.

Now to keep you on track, I round up a list of “what’s new” on the blog and allow me to thank you, dearest readers, for dropping by and staying tuned. THANK YOU!

Branding. As I learn things in travel, style and blogging in general, the joy and enthusiasm to share something that may be helpful to you also keep pouring. Writing guides along with lessons I learned has slowly transformed Jansellbiskwit to a travel and lifestyle blog. I’ll always be a style enthusiast but the new branding has opened lots of ideas and no longer limits me what to write aside from travel and fashion-related posts.

Blog Header. I planned to modify this since the start of 2017 but the first quarter was jam-packed in a great way! No major update, I just had the header in quirky font and solid black. I have no plans on changing the logo/watermark. Fhabs created it for me and I always love as it is.

ABOUT Page. Finally, I got to add a few more sentences in the current section that talks about me as the author, about the blog and my love for writing.

“I started this blog back in college (as a course requirement) where I shared completely random things. It was August 2015 when I decided to spice up my little space and since then, I have embraced the world of blogging by sharing my diaries in travel, lifestyle, fashion, love for everything beautiful and some reflections in between. 


I blog simply because I love writing. Through it, I learn more about myself. I become more well-rounded and intentional with life. I meet new people. I discover things. I find meaning even in smallest details. It is my act of service – putting time, energy, creativity and passion into a piece of writing in which others may feel free to find inspiration from it. Hence, I will always be grateful for this gift of expression.


As you get to know more about Jansellbiskwit, I wish to inspire you to believe in yourself, ignite your passion and enjoy the best of life!”

TRAVEL Tab. Under the main tab, you will see specific destinations linking to travel posts plus two sub-pages: TRAVEL TIPS and TRAVEL BUCKET LIST. This may help you go directly on the page you want to visit. Check it out!

TRAVEL BUCKET LIST. I’m not a frequent traveler but love to explore some destinations here in the Philippines and other parts of the world. I only have a handful of places and activities on my list and I’m truly grateful to be able to tick off some at the moment – and hopefully soon, ALL. My bucket list is not for extreme adventures and not something out of the ordinary. I find happiness in travel by simply exploring beautiful spots, trying different cuisines, immersing in a local culture and creating a bunch of memories.

STYLE Tab. Same with Travel tab, I also placed two sub-pages below the main tab: OUTFIT and STYLE TIPS. Stay tuned for more guides on the blog!

BLOGGING Tab. A new addition on tab section but you will see that I already wrote a few posts about blogging before.

COLLABORATION. Instead of placing the brand/company logos alone, I put the specific projects I worked on previously along with featured posts. Find out more here.

What else do you want to see on the blog? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Jazzie
    September 14, 2017

    always love your blog jans! 🙂 the content of your blog is really what makes you as you <3 keep on inspiring a lot of people. i may not be commenting always, but i do read your blog as always. love you jans!

    1. Jansell
      September 14, 2017

      Thank you for always staying tuned Jazz and I truly appreciate you! Can’t wait to see you soon and even do a collaboration with you. Love you Jazz! 🙂


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