We Are All Beautiful

San Juan, La UnionIn today’s age, it seems that people focus on how to have a perfect and instagrammable life – career, love and physical appearance. Speaking of the latter, some double their effort to achieve that enviable body and well-sculpted abs which to be honest, I never dreamed of such. Not that I’m feeling lucky of my average physique but let’s just say we shouldn’t get pressured with what society dictates us and how social media takes over our lives.

It’s not about being conceited or #GGSS, it’s about knowing and believing that we are all beautiful as God created as beautiful. Yes it’s true, this simple yet most important reminder is enough to feel worthy without the need to conform to all the pressures and norms of society. Stop hating the body and skin you’re in, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


    1. Jansell
      June 13, 2017

      Thanks March! 🙂


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