What the World Needs Now

1I am just thinking of a simple Valentine’s Day greeting but the power of love embraces my mind and heart to share a happy thought to all of you. Some may have that “bitter-bitteran” mood, plan to just sleep all day and totally erase 14th of February on the calendar. While others are in mood for love and mark this day with lovely dates and sweet surprises. The sure thing is all of us are aware of today’s occasion.

Whatever plans we have for this day, the most important thing is we share them with the one we love, may it be with family or significant other. You may be “single” or have no enough means for a lavish dinner or costly gift but hey, it’s still not the end of the world. Who needs expensive presents when you can give a warmest hug and flash a sweetest smile for free (like the photo above. Haha.)? Stop fretting on your no-show prince charming and envying the lovely couples around the corner.

Instead, spread the power of love. And the best time to do it? EVERYDAY. Love like there’s no tomorrow. Love yourself. Love others. Love life. That’s what the world needs now. <3

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