Where to Eat in Melbourne: Sarawak Kitchen

 Sarawak Kitchen1A long walk around Melbourne made me starve to death and craved for bulk of rice (since Aussie meals are limited to bread/potatoes, meat & veggies). Seeing a Thai resto along the street made my tummy rejoice. We had no second thoughts and settled ourselves at Sarawak Kitchen.

The service is fast and the servings are really huge. And when I mean huge, we took away our left overs which were good enough for another meal. Haha.Sarawak Kitchen2Sarawak Kitchen3Sarawak Kitchen4For Ricaa: SAMBAL FRIED RICE ($10.9). Sambal fried rice with chicken drumstick and fried egg.Sarawak Kitchen5For Krisha: ROASTED PORK RIED RICE ($10.9). Fried rice with roasted pork.Sarawak Kitchen6For Joey: ZHAO CHAO VERMICELLI ($10.5). Foochow thick rice vermicelli with preserved vegetable and fried fish fillet in soup.Sarawak Kitchen7For me: BRAISED SALTED FISH PORK BELLY WITH RICE ($10.5). Steamed rice served with braised salted fish pork belly and fried egg.Sarawak Kitchen8Additional order: SPECIAL SOUP ($8.5). Soup served with pork liver, meat ball, pork mow and vegetable.

*Visit Sarawak Kitchen at 469 Elizabeth St. Melbourne VIC 3000

*Open 7 days: Sun-Thurs (11AM-10PM) and Fri-Sat (11AM-10:30PM)

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