Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012

Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012I never imagine that a star-studded event I used to dream of and browse on the internet would come to reality. Maybe, our class was fortunate to have an instructor who works in a certain TV network and tend to receive complimentary tickets of astounding events and activities over the country.

As he commended our tasks, he decided to give away six tickets for the Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012. Everyone got up from their seats and suddenly became vivacious. A dose of excitement filled the broadcast studio as each signed on a sheet of paper. While most of us were nervously waiting for the lucky names to be picked out, I still continued what I was doing for I didn’t want to set any expectation though I really wanted to go.

The moment our instructor announced my name, I got chills. My hands were trembling that I couldn’t even hand the ticket from my instructor. Lots of thoughts lingered in my mind. Finally, the luck fell into my lap. Though I was a bit sick on the much awaited day, nothing stopped us to relish this one-of-a-kind experience. I was truly amazed by the structure of SM Mall of Asia Arena. It was set up like a Hollywood-themed awards night which I only tend to watch on TV.Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012After few hours of waiting, the night came to life. The purple carpet was filled by media people who were uncontrollably following the brilliant celebrities. Camera flashes were ceaselessly clicking. Loud screams from the crowd added up to the excitement. I looked everywhere holding my camera and took some pictures in which I couldn’t determine if I got perfect shots or blurred ones for I was too occupied staring at whoever came in.Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012Yahoo! OMG Awards 2012From breathtaking production numbers to big, colorful banners of the fans, everything was surreal. The program ran very smoothly. Aside from the announcement of winners from different categories, there’s a moment of silence as an AVP for Tito Dolphy’s tribute flashed on the big screen. This is simply a night to remember and of course, it wouldn’t be made possible without our big-hearted and brilliant instructor. 🙂

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