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Back to Subic1It’s been a year since we’ve celebrated my 22nd birthday here and we’re back for a road trip last Holy Week! Reminiscing the wonderful memories made me realize how much we’ve changed and improved.

Back to Subic2Back to Subic3I sported a short bob last year and now I’m loving my natural, wavy locks this summer. We traveled with our dearest Greys previously but we don’t have him anymore (no more tears pls.). Yet, new blessing came in and we welcomed our new travel buddy, Rain. Back to Subic4Back to Subic5Back to Subic6Back to Subic7With him, we explored the town and this time, we got to familiarize ourselves with the stores at Harbor Point. As of press time, I’m thinking of our next Subic road trip! <3Back to Subic8Back to Subic9

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